I. What you have to ask yourself before you start looking for a home



II. Documents you will see when you are buying a home



III. Other costs


Because each and every individual¡¯s requirements are different and unique, it is very important to figure out your needs and let your agent to know about them.
Based on your needs and lifestyle, you have the choices of types of housing and ownership.

¢º View house types
¢º View ownership types

***What are my housing needs?
***What type of housing and ownership do I want?

- Working with a Real Estate Agent
- Exclusive Buyers' Agency Contract
- Property Condition Disclosure Statement (PCDS)
- Contract of Purchase and Sale


- Mortgage Loan Insurance Application Fee and Premium
- Deposit
- Appraisal Fee & Survey Fee
- Home Inspection fee
- GST (Goods and Services Tax)
- Property Transfer Tax
- Lawyer/Notary Public Fee
- Property tax
- Estoppel Certificate Fee
- Strata Move In Fee
- Property Insurance
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