Types of Housing Structures
Single family, detached house

A detached house is one which has no common walls with any other residential structure, resting on its own land with front, rear, and side yards. It may be any size from a small, one-storey bungalow to a huge mansion.

Semi-detached house

A semi-detached house is two single family dwellings joined together by a common middle wall. It is sometimes called a ¡°side-by-side¡± duplex.


A duplex is two separate dwellings which are attached either side-by-side (a semi-detached house) or one unit above the other.


In British Columbia, the term ¡°townhouse¡± is usually used to describe one of a group of dwellings (most often two-storey) joined together by common walls, each with its own entrance from the outside.


An apartment is one of several dwellings (most often single storey dwellings built one above the other) joined together by common walls, each having its entrance from a common hall. The overall building containing the apartments may be from three to 33 or more storeys.

Mobile or Manufactured Home
A manufactured home is a factory-built residential structure designed to be moved from one place to another, although wheels are not necessary. It is often placed on a rented space (called a ¡°pad¡±) in a manufactured home park.

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