I. Is it a good time to sell?

Observe market conditions such as interest rate, season and other macroeconomic factors.

Low interest rates increase the affordability of mortgage loan for buyers, improving selling prospects. In addition, if you are a seller who wants to relocate, compare your current mortgage payment with market interest rate. If market interest rate is lower than your current mortgage payment, it might be a good time to sell now.

People are reluctant to move during a holiday like the Christmas. For some reason, psychological or climetic, people tend to search for new home in Spring.

You may also want to consider about other factors such as people's expectation, community development, local government policy changes and market trend.

Prior to setting up for your asking/listing price, you need a market reasearch.

People tend to overestimate or underestimate their home because of an emotional detachment to their house.

The asking price is the best set at a little higher than its actual market value if you are a serious seller.
If you set your asking price too high, it will result in a situation where it takes longer to sell your property.

To determine your asking price, you can use www.mls.ca, hire an appraise or
contact Ian Choi ( 604-817-4742 ) or Jae Park ( 778-999-5019 ) for a free comparative market analysis .    

Contact Ian Choi ( 604-817-4742 ) or Jae Park (778.999.5019) for a free comparative market analysis
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II. How much is your home worth?
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