- Repair cost
- Colsing cost: Lawyer fees || Title insurance || Unpaid property taxes || Morgage fees || Real estate service fees
- Moving/Storiage costs, etc.

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III. What costs are involved?

IV. Preparing your home for showing

- Repair exterior and interior
You don¡¯t necessary have to spend big bucks to renovate or remodel your house but repair all the visible and invisible defects is essential. For example, paint in and out, replace the light bulbs, fix the roof, repair all the cracks and etc.

- Clean the front door & entryway/driveway
The first impression of your home is determined at the front door. Clean the door and polish the door fixtures. If there are fallen leaves or snow in the entryway/driveway, clean them up.

- Lawns and hedges cut and trimmed

- Make your home anyone¡¯s home
Remove personal items such as family photos, souvenirs or personal collections.

- Bring in fresh air
Open the windows for good ventilation at least one hour before showing. The scent of fresh coffee, burnt toast or vanilla is more attractive than the smell of foods or pets.

- Turn all the lights (and the fireplace)